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Exploring Oz has developed and grown through years of practical experience. Our trips are aimed at the adventure traveller looking for an experience rather than just another sightseeing tour.

Our guides are versed in all aspects of Australia including Aboriginal history & culture as well as European history.

We favour traditional open fire and camp oven cooking. (Yes, we do cater for vegetarians but we would appreciate some advanced notice). On our tours you will sleep in Aussie beds, known as swags, with a mozzie net, or you can upgrade to stretcher beds in our new modern high headroom dome tents.

Novated Lease Calculator – Get Savvy

The Importance Of Savvy Decision-Making

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When undertaking a financial endeavor of any magnitude, it’s imperative that every cost-saving avenue is explored. Whether you’re purchasing real estate or investing in the stock market, making an earnest attempt to better the outcome of your venture is of paramount importance. In essence, it’s best to leave no stone unturned when momentous fiscal opportunities present themselves. One such opportunity includes novated leasing.

Brief Overview Of Novated Leases
To understand the purpose novated lease calculators serve, one must first familiarize themselves with the novated leasing process. A novated lease is an arrangement between an employee, employer, and leaser wherein the employee agrees to a “salary sacrifice” in exchange for a motor vehicle. In other words, an employer deducts an employee’s salary, allowing that money to go towards the employee’s monthly car payment. The leases biggest draw is that it reduces the taxes the employee pays. For more information on the inner workings of novated leasing, visit Stratton Finance https://www.strattonfinance.com.au/

Novated Lease Calculators
Novated lease calculators are practical tools that equip lessees with exceedingly useful insight. They compute a multitude of factors, allowing the lessee to measure their potential monthly savings and payments. Because no two novated leases were created equal, novated lease calculators are all the more necessary. Meaning, it helps individuals discern the most cost-effective alternative. You see, some leasing companies will exploit naive individuals, amending stipulations and regulations as an attempt to tip the scales in their favor. While this reality is patently harsh, it’s no less true.

What Factors Are Considered?
Each agency makes their own judgment call on which elements get weighed. While some place importance on financial matters, others are driven by vehicle preferences. In any case, about four or five questions will be asked of you when you employ a novated lease calculator. Here are some of the most common inquiries found on a novated lease calculator.

  • What type of car would you like?
  • How much are you willing to spend on the car?
  • How many kilometers do you travel per year?
  • What size car would you like?
  • How long do you anticipate leasing the car?
  • What is your annual gross salary?
  • What is your desired interest rate?
  • Would you like weekly, monthly, or fortnightly payments?

Where Do I Find A Novated Lease Calculator?
The Internet is your one-stop shop for Novated Lease Calculator www.strattonfinance.com.au/calculators/novated-lease . A simple web search for “novated lease calculators in Australia” will suffice.

Car Loan

Car Loan

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You’re thinking about getting a car. There is only one problem. You don’t have enough money to buy a decent vehicle on your own. You don’t want to turn to family or friends to make it possible. That means you are going to need to get a car loan. You don’t just want to jump into any car loan that is available. Take your time and do your research so that you find a car loan that is a good fit for you. You can make your journey to car ownership much better when you find financing that suits you.

Think About What You Can Afford
There are many Car Loans Stratto at http://www.strattonfinance.com.au/car-finance/car-loan that are available. Some have variable interest rates while others have fixed interest rates. You may have monthly payments, bi-weekly payments, or weekly payments. You can pay online, by check, or have your payment deducted automatically from your bank account. As you consider all of your alternatives, look at your finances. Think about how much money you have at your disposal each month. Total your regular expenses, such as your mortgage, your groceries, and your utilities. You should also have some money left to put into savings. In the end, you will look at what is left for your car payment. Car loans should not be so hard to pay for that you find yourself getting into trouble. If you aren’t wise in your choice, you could lose your car.

Consider Secured Versus Unsecured Car Loans
If you get a secured loan, you will be using one of your assets to secure the loan. Most often, the car will be the asset, especially for a new car. This means that you will be able to obtain car loans for a higher value because the bank will have the security of knowing the asset can be claimed if there is a problem with making payments. If you choose an unsecured loan, you will not have to use any type of asset for security. However the amount of your loan is likely to be less.

Peer to Peer Lending is a Possibility
Another options for car loans is peer to peer lending in which you will be paired with an investor that will make it possible to leave the banks out of the equation. You should learn all of the details about repayment and interest before you sign any type of contract.

Be Sure You are Getting What You Pay For
When you take out car loans, you want to make sure that the car you are buying is actually worth what you are paying. Look at the term of the loan and how much interest you will be paying over time. Remember that there will be maintenance expenses for your car as well while you are paying your loan. Make sure the loan is a fair amount.

BMW Car Finance

The Many Advantages Of BMW Car Finance

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When it comes to getting the car of your dreams, it’s possible that your wallet may fall short of the purchase price. This is where BMW car finance comes into play. It allows you to get behind the wheel of the car you love while making small modest monthly payments. There are many advantages that you can gain from BMW car finance that we’re going to take a look at below.

The first major advantage of BMW car finance is that you can obtain the car you want today, without having the money in the bank. It can be difficult to save tens of thousands of dollars to afford a new vehicle by paying cash. This is where it becomes helpful to have BMW car finance options at your disposal. This will allow you the availability to get that new car that just came out without having to break into savings.

The second major advantage to Stratton BMW car finance at https://www.strattonfinance.com.au/bmw  is that they will help you to build up your credit score. Your credit score is a major factor in many areas of life. It decides what type of car finance options, mortgages, and other personal loan options are available to you. By establishing a strong payment history with your new car loan through BMW car finance, you can build up your credit score.

When you opt for car financing offers, it typically comes bundled with some other awesome perks that you won’t receive if you buy the car with cash. For example, some dealership may offer free fuel, free inspections for the life of the loan, and free servicing of the vehicle for a year. These are all benefits that you can get when you sign on the dotted line to receive financing for your new vehicle.

The last advantage to financing a car is that you don’t have to worry about the usual car repair problems that come up when you buy used cars. With new vehicles, many problems are covered under warranty, so you’re not paying anything out of pocket. In addition, you get that nice new car smell and new features that weren’t put in the older style vehicles.

As you can see, there are many advantages to BMW car finance options. You should take the time to analyze these benefits and see if they can help you in your next decision when buying a vehicle. We highly urge you to finance over purchasing an older vehicle or paying cash for a new one.

Car Finance Agreement

Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Getting the Most from Your Car Finance Agreement

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Most people don’t have enough money to purchase a car with cash. As such, they look to a car finance agreement to help them gain access to a vehicle without breaking their bank. Car finance contracts involve principal, or the cash sales price of the car, interest, and the length of the agreement.

Dealerships make money by charging interest over periods of time, which is their incentive for loaning the vehicle using a car finance agreement. We won’t touch on the intricacies of how car finance deals are calculated in this article. However, we will go over several tips, tricks, and strategies for getting a quality vehicle at the lowest possible price. Let’s get started.

Shop around

This strategy works for every good or service, but people that shop around at as many dealerships as possible will find more competitive car finance offers. You should obtain a written estimate for similar models of vehicles across all dealerships you visit and present them to other dealerships. People negotiate during car sales every minute of every day, often with untrue information. Bringing along official, written estimates will help prove your case that you may be able to get a better car finance agreement at another vendor. This will help lower prices no matter where you go.

Stay in tune with your credit score

Credit scores are used by landlords, insurance agencies, and car dealerships to reasonably assess financial risk with particular customers. Dealerships offer car finance contracts with unfavorable terms to those with low credit scores. If you have a low credit score, search online for ways that you can raise it. Wait a few months before visiting dealerships, as your hopefully-higher credit score will help you earn favorable contract terms. Find more about car finance www.strattonfinance.com.au/car-finance/options/car-loan.aspx

Get help from a financially-stable cosigner

If you’re lucky enough to have someone cosign on a car loan, they agree to assume payments for your vehicle if you aren’t able to. Because this is a substantial obligation to take on, most people besides family members won’t help you cosign, especially on a pricy vehicle. People who can find a cosigner with favorable credit history and in stable financial position will be able to lower their interest payments.

Aim for loans that don’t take long to pay off

Loans with short terms will help reduce interest payments. Pay as much as you can each month to prevent interest accumulating on high principal balances. Car dealerships love to loan out vehicles for long periods of time, and some may not be willing to loan vehicles for short terms. Shop around and find a dealership that will loan a car for a year or two, given you’ll actually be able to pay it.

Place a down payment on your financed vehicle

People that put down payments on loaned vehicles may be able to secure lower interest than not doing so. If you currently don’t have much spare money, try to save up for a few months so you’re able to place a significant down payment on a vehicle.

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Novated lease

Novated lease

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Purchasing a motor vehicle was between the buyer and the seller in the past. This generation has introduced the employer into the system. The financier and the manager are involved when an employee intends to buy a vehicle. They usually discuss and arrive at an agreement known as novated lease. This leasing covers all the cost and the payment of the motor vehicle using the salary packaging of the employee out of the pre-tax salary.

The novated lease agreement usually takes between six months and twelve months. The owner of the car either decides to trade the vehicle with a new one or start the leasing agreement again. The agreement is a good deal because the payment is through the post-tax salary. One will be charged the payroll tax and other value added taxes. This deal lowers the taxable income of the employee because it is usually pre-tax.

Individuals should keep in mind that this kind of business is not free of charge. Novated Lease at Stratton Finance is subject to what many people called the fringe benefits. The fringe benefit is usually twenty percent of the cost of the car and multiplied by the current tax rate. Many companies have the online calculator that allows the owner to select the vehicle that they wish to drive and possible agreement and payments. It also indicates how much money the owner saves at the end of the contract.

The benefit of this agreement is that the cost of the tax is effective. The owner of the vehicle will be charged the running costs and financial payments using the pre-tax dollars as opposed to the regular loan. The second significant advantage to the employee is that it increases the purchasing power. Another benefit is that one can change the model of the car when the agreement expires. The accord should be structured such that a person can either pay out the remaining residual amount or give out the old car and take another one. This is usually between one year and five years.

The financial company takes care of servicing the motor vehicle and the operating expenses. These extra costs are included in the payment. They also charge the annual registration fee in most of their business. The employee and the employer have to sign the agreement in the paper work.

There is a risk that is associated with the novated lease. One should have a job, an employer, and a certain amount of money for them to enter into this kind of deal. The employer will be deducting the amount of the pre-tax salary from the financial company. The major drawback is also the fringe benefit. The fringe benefits rates were lower sometimes back. The government has increased them tremendously to twenty percent today. The employee used to pay 5 per cent of the total cost of the vehicle to the government five years ago.

Losing a job terminates the novated lease agreement. Changing a job does not guarantee the continuation of the agreement because not all the managers are generous. The security of the job is key. The novated lease sounds confusing because it has benefits and risks.